Internet Leased Line

Internet Leased Line Services

Connect Your Business Over Dedicated, High-Speed, Reliable & Internet Leased Lines

We offers, one of the best ILL connectivity, with Internet Bandwidth, allowing for uncontended, symmetrical bandwidth and full-duplex traffic. We are one of the best Internet Leased line service provider in MP CG. We understands the purpose of using the internet at home, we never fall back in meeting your needs. Green Web has everything for a fast internet connection While we work towards offer a high-speed connection, you will never regret on the level of service.

Features & Advantages

Dedicated Bandwidth

1:1 uplink and downlink ratio bandwidth to support data intensive applications

Unlimited Data Usage

Without any capping that fosters productivity and efficiency among users.

Dual Stack Support

IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack connectivity for hosting applications

Faster Speeds

With no bandwidth fluctuation. Further, all businesses that employ over 20 full-time users who need access to bandwidth-intensive systems will benefit more from an internet leased line.


Is to provide additional technical features such as IPv4 addresses, DNS support, DDoS protection, on-demand bandwidth, managed WAN services, and more.